Ice-cream in sugar cones - is a classic formula, which can never age. And thanks to us, it has also combined a new shape and tone. Ice-cream in sugar tubes from "Lasunka" - it is not just a beloved from childhood dessert. It is always a new discovery with a little surprise inside. Let it be a sweet cover from a crunchy chocolate glaze, sugar caramel on the bottom or beloved by all children condensed milk - your child will be stocked up with gentle treats!

Crunchy sugar cones, filled with a sweet creamy treat is, for sure, one of the most sought after cold desserts. We have decided to bring in a little bit of diversity into usual ice-cream. How have we expressed this? Occasionally within the taste including new fillers, sometimes - in the shape and sometimes even in the presentation technique.
For example, ice-cream in sugar cones from the line "Yeti" will gladden your taste delights with an unusual composition of favorite ice-cream with new ingredients and fillings. For instance, like prunes, dried apricots, cherry or soft cacao and condensed milk.
Sugar cones from the line "Big Tub" will gladden you with their size and an unusually flattened shape. Along with the same line of ice-cream "Like before", for the creation of which we revived a recipe of ice-cream production from the 60-s from the previous century, will renew in your memory the most wonderful moments from your childhood.
And the most beloved by both children and their parents, ice-cream "Malyuk-Am", apart from its gentle taste, is also notable for the fact that it doesn’t melt. When being heated, it just turns into a creamy dessert!
Try every ice-cream in a sugar cone and choose your favorite!  
How it all began? Our history
here you can see a 25 history of the company "LASUNKA".
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