Natural ice-cream, put into gentle hugs of sugar cones - brickets from "Lasunka" gladden with their incredible tastes and experimental compounds. Snow-white ice-cream from fine milk is never more refreshing than on a hot day. And sweet waffles not only perfectly complete the ice-cream experience, but it also doesn’t melt and smear tour fingers. Give yourself minutes of absolute pleasure - try amazing brickets "Lasunka", made with love.

Do you appreciate traditional recipes without denying yourself in beloved treats? A bricket "28 kopecks" was created especially for toys. Natural creamy ice-cream will definitely remind you of a golden taste that’s familiar from your childhood. And a sweet crunchy waffle will be a harmonious addition. Natural components, a perfect shape and compounds, tried-and-tested - while choosing this dessert, you will definitely be satisfied and sure the perfection is in its simplicity.
For those who don’t steer clear of experiments and new discoveries in ice-cream "Munch-crunch" is your destiny. It is a real waffle chest, covered inside with a chocolate layer, in which there is creamy ice-cream hidden within, a layer of condensed milk and a generous handful of nuts. Do not have any doubts, with this dessert you will learn a lot of gastronomic secrets and you will learn, how substantial a usual bricket can be.




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here you can see a 25 history of the company "LASUNKA".
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