The ice-cream "Stop-narkotik" is on the market for many years. Thanks to an unusual composition of tastes and ingredients, it has become a real breakthrough. However this treat is still one of the most popular and beloved among the customers of all ages. If you lately wanted to treat yourself with a dessert which principally differs from those you tasted before, "Stop-narkotik" is exactly for you!

With its content the ice-cream "Stop-narkotik" reminds the desserts from the Eastern countries. The delicate taste of the ice-cream-brulee together with poppy seeds is successfully completed with sweet white coating and fried sesame. Degree of saturation and flavor of the taste, which is typical for Turkish delights, has found it implementation in a cool dessert which will help you cool down even when the thermometer shows 40.

Straight after the ice-cream was released onto the market, it momentary conquered hearts of the young people. And till this day it is still beloved by those who cannot imagine the life without trailblazing experiments. An extraordinary composition of unusual fillers in a usual for us treat will open the door to the world of desserts. The ice-cream "Stop-narkotik" is more than an ice-cream. It is a challenge! A challenge to the search of new emotions and impressions.

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