«Prague cake»

A Prague cake is one of the favorite recipes of our mothers and grandmothers. Those, who were lucky to taste this cake in childhood, will never forget sweet smell of fresh chocolate layers and gentle taste of soft butter cream... We do not have pretensions to compete with near to your heart homemade backing. However, we offer you to taste a traditional dessert in a crucially different interpretation. This is ice-cream cake "Prague".
We know so little about a real origin of the Prague cake. Somebody says it is a traditional recipe of the Czech cuisine. Others say that it is only a distant relative of the Austrian cake "Sacher"... But is it so important, if the dessert enslaved the hearts of millions of people? In our interpretation of the Prague cake we tried to save all those qualities which attract the sweet-tooths in a traditional interpretation of the treat and add a new tone to them. What is the result of it?
It resulted in a principally new, elegant dessert which consists of two streaming layers of the most gentle ice-cream of chocolate and vanilla kinds. Small pieces of chocolate which you will find inside the cake, give the treat more rich taste. And in the role of a finishing touch there is cacao powder which covers the dessert.
And if you have dreamed for a long time about a trip to the "Golden capital of Europe" but you do not know what to start with, start with the cake "Prague"! It is not inconceivable that all other ideas will come to your mind by their own.
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