Ice-cream "Curd" - it is not only a beloved treat by sweet-tooths of any age. It is also an opportunity to treat yourself, - for those people, who care about their figures. The base of the treat - is sweet cream cheese, produced from the freshest milk, with adding vanilla or cacao, and covered with melting chocolate glaze. The dessert "Curd" - it is powerful charge with proteins and carbohydrates which will be useful even after a tiring training.
Cottage cheese - it is a popular base for a diversity of desserts. Its taste, gentle, and, at the same time, neutral, allows to make unlimited amount of taste  combinations. Cream cheese can be glazed with syrups, honey or jam, you can also add sugar or cacao, mix cream cheese with fruit and berries. You can it eat raw, just from the packing, or you can bake it. And if you freeze it... You will get a refreshing, nutrient rich and, with that, light treat which will pleasingly gladden you on a hot summer day.
It sounds great, doesn't it? And the most important - you will not have to do it by yourself. Our dessert "Curd" - it is already prepared, sweet, beaten to creamy consistency and frozen cream cheese. And in the function of flavor additives you can choose vanilla or classic chocolate. And a thick layer of soft chocolate glaze makes the dessert complete and more elegant and subtle.
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