Classics in everything - this is the word that characterizes the ice-cream "Vyshyvanka". Classics in the recipe, in the taste and of course in the appearance. "Vyshyvanka" is your favorite vanilla ice-cream, packed into large half-kilo brickets and decorated with ornaments of the ethnic Ukrainian embroidery. The ice-cream "Vyshyvanka" is a reason to finally gather all the family at one table, remember favorite family traditions and share the favorite treats together.

    Each family has its own cooking traditions such as those which are connected with eating the ice-cream. The classic ice-cream "Vyshyvanka" was created on purpose in order to gather all the family at one table. This treat is good on its own and as an accomplished additions to any favorite home-made desserts, and also as a base to which you can add any ingredients according to your taste.


    While working on the recipe of "Vyshyvanka", we tried to fulfill in it all our love to traditions and culture of Ukraine. In the process of producing the ice-cream there are used only natural ingredients - the freshest milk, whipped together with sugar into gentle cloudy foam, with adding piquant vanilla essence in order to make the taste of the dessert more flavorful. And the finishing touch was an ethnic ornament which decorates the packing. So, gather all your nearest and dearest and become familiar with the Ukrainian traditions together with the ice-cream "Vyshyvanka"!


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