Banquet Deluxe brand

Banket Deluxe — you can’t resist

Do you want to pamper yourself with something new and feel the extravaganza of taste? Then you should try a new product of TM Lasunka that was created according to a new ice-cream recipe! The name makes perfect sense: as well as a convenient form of package you will get an unearthly pleasure. Every new spoon of ice-cream will give you great satisfaction.
Would you like a delicious snack? Be ready to get it.
Ice-cream «Banket Deluxe» is the most delicious ice-cream under the layer of adorable chocolate. But the surprises don’t end here, because in the middle of the cone there is a huge drop of your favourite jam flavour! Squeeze the jar and as soon as you hear a chocolate crunch open the cover and get started.
This is the most delicious treasure you’ve ever found.

How it all began? Our history
here you can see a 25 history of the company "LASUNKA".
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