A rich taste, diversity of textures and an amusing game - all these if the ice-cream "Banana-ai"! A new dessert reminds a favorite velvety fruit not only by its bright taste and a cheerful color, but also by a shape. A banana ice-cream is covered with a marmalade "peel" which you can simply eat with the dessert or just "peel" the ice-cream as a real banana and nibble from a juicy peel! "Banana-ai" will become a real discovery for you and your children.
Each of our ice-creams is an attempt to surprise you, give you new impressions and open for you new borders of a usual and beloved dessert. That is why "Banana-ai" is not only a treat with an unusual taste but also a revolutionary composition of favorite desserts from the childhood - ice-cream and marmalade. And extravagance of a completion gives zest to this treat.
The ice-cream "Banana-ai" looks exactly as a favorite fruit. And thanks to the excellent innovative technologies we came at the perfect similarity even at how to eat the dessert. The banana ice-cream is covered with a thin layer of a peel from banana marmalade. Throughout the whole length of the peel there are small cuts. All you need is pull at edges of the peel in order to peel the banana. Enjoy a sweet creamy taste of banana ice-cream, together with a juicy marmalade peel - you can do it!
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