Having created dozens of perfect kinds of ice-cream, "Lasunka" is not satisfied with what has already been achieved. Fresh ideas and appliance of innovative technologies allow us to constantly widen our assortment, creating completely new, unique kinds of a cold treats. Our desserts - these are the findings, unusual combinations and an opportunity to feel absolutely satisfied. Along with natural ingredients, an explosion of tastes and the most positive emotions. Lasunka - it is not just ice-cream. It is a real masterpiece of culinary art.

Do you want to try something really unusual? "Lev DELUXE" will be a real discovery for you. With a secret technic of production, developed by specialists from the company "Lasunka", has allowed us to create a unique double glaze. Thick sweet caramel or rich berry jam - choose your favorite taste and enjoy excellent desserts.
For those people, who like simple solutions, "Lasunka" has also prepared several presents. Creme-brulee with viscous caramel and the softest ice-cream along with strawberry jam, placed into crunchy sugar cones, inside covered with chocolate glaze, will definitely be appraised by both children and adults. And along with a combination of prunes, dried apricots and refined nuts in our deluxe ice-cream "Yeti" will help make sure that sweets can not only be incredibly tasty but also very useful.

Look at ice-cream from a new angle with unusual desserts from "Lasunka"!
How it all began? Our history
here you can see a twenty-year history of the company "LASUNKA".