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New from "Lasunka": Ice cream without "E"!


We are not looking for easy ways, so here is a problem with an asterisk *:

What product is loved by children with all their hearts, mothers willingly choose and pediatricians advise?

Do you know what it's about? And we don't just know - we create it!


«100% пломбир ДСТУ 4733» (“100% premium ice cream DSTU 4733”) is our tasty novelty and a source of unreal pride. After all, the company "Lasunka" as a manufacturer, among whose consumers a huge number of children know for sure that the product must be balanced and safe for health. That is why our vision, multiplied by 25 years of experience, made the new ice cream exactly the way it should be:

  • Without preservatives and any "E"
  • Without vegetable fats
  • Without dyes

And that means no compromise! Contains only natural ingredients:

  • Whole milk

… which quality is checked by a bunch of physico-chemical and microbiological parameters in our own certified laboratory

  • Butter

… that forms the same unique creamy taste and delicate texture

  • Sugar

… but without fanaticism!


Actually - only such ice cream can bear the proud name Premium ice cream.

This is how DSTU 4733 strictly regulates - and we do not violate this high standard one iota. So much so that they put it in the name of our new ice cream.

Because we do not hide the warehouse, but we are proud of it!

Because the quality of the ingredients "determines" the taste!


It was this idea that prompted the “Lasunka” company to create a delicious new product. After all, it turns out that not only broccoli, but also your favorite ice cream can be useful!

But only when it is based on natural ingredients, and only they. Then it is the support of local immunity, and the source of vitamins and microelements, and the best mood enhancer in the world!

Stop choosing ice cream by its bright wrapper or exotic filling. Pay attention to the DSTU number and be happy and healthy.

«100% пломбир ДСТУ 4733» - the case when it is delicious without any remorse. Because it is 100% natural.

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