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Ice-cream - it is not just a dessert. It is a lighthearted child's dream, happy memories and a feast which you can make at any time. The freshest natural ingredients, completed with love to work and help experienced specialists of the company create unique treats which are beloved by both children and adults. Our ice-cream – it’s classic recipes and unique developments, familiar from childhood combinations and now with completely new, unusual compounds. "Lasunka" – it’s not just a trade mark. "Lasunka" - it is ice-cream itself.

Perfect vanilla ice-cream and creme-brulee, chocolate treats, frozen juices and fruit-berry dessert, weighted ice-cream and tubs - not depending on what you prefer, "Lasunka" has already prepared a perfect solution.
The assortment of our company will gladden even the smallest ones. Ice-cream "Malyuk-Am", created from natural ingredients, will be no less tastier even if it melts. And the line "Yeti" will allow you to treat yourself with an amazing dessert and watch a catchy cartoon.

"Lev", "Grand-Prix", "Fakel", "Burzhuj" - it is a choice of those people, who are used to prefer only the best dessert. Perfect combinations will not leave even the most demanding devotee of the cold treat indifferent.
Are you bored with experiments? Do you want to enjoy the simple but perfect taste, familiar from childhood? "Ice-cream like before" will help you cope with it.
With "Lasunka" dreams of perfect ice-cream stop being just dreams and come true!
How it all began? Our history
here you can see a twenty-year history of the company "LASUNKA".
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