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Ice-cream - it is not just a dessert. It is a lighthearted child's dream, happy memories and a feast which you can make at any time. The freshest natural ingredients, completed with love to work and help experienced specialists of the company create unique treats which are beloved by both children and adults. Our ice-cream – it’s classic recipes and unique developments, familiar from childhood combinations and now with completely new, unusual compounds. "Lasunka" – it’s not just a trade mark. "Lasunka" - it is ice-cream itself.

Flawless vanilla plombir and creme brulee, chocolate ice cream, frozen juices and fruit and berry desserts, ice cream by weight and buckets, regardless of what you prefer, "Lasunka" has already prepared the perfect solution.

How to buy Lasunka ice cream

If you decide to order, buy or clarify prices for any type of products that you are interested in, contact our manager. To do this, call the numbers from the "Contacts" section.

With "Lasunka", dreams of perfect ice cream cease to be dreams and become reality!

What kind of ice cream to buy - assortment from Lasunkа

What kind of ice cream to buy - assortment from Lasunkа

The company's assortment is constantly replenished with novelties, the catalog presents a variety of ice cream options that will please adults and children alike:

  • "Malyuk-Am" ice cream. Created for the youngest of natural ingredients, it will be no less delicious even if it melts.

  • "Ice cream as before." For those who are tired of experiments. Do you want to enjoy a simple but perfect taste, familiar from childhood? This delicious ice cream will help you cope with this task as well.

  • Plombir "Mono". Connoisseurs are indebted to France for the birth of plombir. In addition to milk, cream and eggs, it contained a solid list of fillers: vanilla, almond essence, chocolate, fruits. And although the simplified version is more common now, the creamy-milk base has remained unchanged.

  • «BIG TAB». Who said traditional recipes are boring, especially if you add a "raisin"! It is the crispy waffle cup, a convenient slightly flattened shape, that makes this ice cream special! Cherry and apricot, fragrant cocoa, condensed milk or pieces of dried apricots, prunes, nuts - among the fillings of "BIG TAB" ice cream, you will definitely find your favorite.

  • The famous "Grand Prix" cone are the choice of those who are used to preferring only the best desserts. Impeccable combinations will not leave indifferent even the most demanding connoisseur of cold delicacies. No matter how many other companies tried to do something similar, they never succeeded.

  • "Lev DELUXE". The secret of this dessert is the revolutionary technology of applying a double glaze, which will turn the idea of what perfection is. In addition to milk and cream, fruit fillings are placed in it and harmoniously shaded with chocolate or jam.

Directory of ice cream from ukrainian company “Lasunka”By experimenting with flavors, we created ice cream for children and adults, lovers of the exotic and connoisseurs of the classics, for those who decided to have a snack on a hot summer day right outside or enjoy something sweet with the whole family of the TV.

The company regularly pampers its fans with delicious novelties. Confidently conquering the market: new combinations in the "Banket" ice cream line, weighty "Half a kilo of happiness" and as many as three flavors of the "Ingot" dessert.

There's no time to create your own culinary masterpiece, try our - ice-cream cake Mango-Cookie or Cherry-Dark Cookie from the Premium Banquet Deluxe Series.

Not only the cold dessert itself, but also its bright, stylish packaging will give children and adults a good mood. And some types of the right ice cream will leave the baby with a prize as a memory.

Features and secrets of Lasunka ice cream

The secret of ice cream from "Lasunka" is the use of only natural products and their balanced combination. The children's range of ice cream is produced with a reduced amount of sugar, and in the dessert for those who watch their figure, it is completely excluded.

We procure the freshest milk, cream and butter and thoroughly test them in our laboratory certified to international standards. Thanks to this, we can confidently say that "Lasunka" cares about the quality of its products. That's why our ice cream is so delicious!

How it all began? Our history
here you can see a 25 history of the company "LASUNKA".
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