Search for the prize on the bottom! A new series of the ice-cream "Priz-am" is not only a sweet dessert with the most diverse taste fillers. Now each child, eating up the ice-cream can get a prize. The new, patent by us, plastic tubs are made in such a way so that in the bottom part we could place small prizes for your children.
Can you remember how your mum said during your childhood: "No dessert until you’ve finished with the soup"? In that era ice-cream was a long-awaited prize which you had to deserve. Our new line "Priz-am" is created in order to make the main child's dream a reality. Now children can get a prize solely for the fact they have eaten up the ice-cream!
On the bottom of each cardboard tub with a dessert there is a special section where your child can find a bracelet and cool portable figures which can be placed on this bracelet. The diversity of these figures will even allow your child to create a new bracelet even every day.



And, of course, the ice-cream "Priz-am" is also new, unexpected tastes. The composition of a juicy orange with a gentle banana, sweet caramel with beloved cacao or just a ripe sunny apricot - how can you decide? The only right solution - to take it all at once!


How it all began? Our history
here you can see a twenty-year history of the company "LASUNKA".