It is more than ice-cream. Thanks to its taste and look, "Pirozheno-Morozheno" can courageously put into the same raw as refined desserts from traditional French confectionery shops. Bracing coffee aroma, a gentle taste of caramel and chocolate, rich lace of splitting waves of ice-cream... Give yourself a little piece of the most gentle dessert or take a whole cake and invite your friends to a cozy home food function.

    For creating the dessert "Pirozheno-Morozheno" we were inspired by the taste of beloved from childhood sweets and the aroma of cozy family confectioneries. "Pirozheno-Morozheno" - these are treats, which contain two layers of ice-cream, coffee and crème-brulee. Each layer tempts with its aroma and an unusual taste. We decided to put ice-cream into soft porous waves, so that you could feel all tenderness and airiness of a dessert, which make enjoyment from the taste much more noticeable. A finish in the dessert is expressed with the help of a thick layer of crunchy chocolate which completes and reveals main aromas of ice-cream.

    So, if you suddenly wanted to treat yourself with something sweet and refined, little ice-cream "Pirozheno-Morozheno" is exactly what you should try. But you had better not be satisfied with one piece. For an additional portion of enjoyment, share this enjoyment with your friends. And our new cake "Pirozheno-Morozheno" will help you with it!


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