Chocolate ice cream “Pirozheno-Morozheno”

Chocolate ice cream “Pirozheno-Morozheno”
Chocolate ice cream “Pirozheno-Morozheno”

“Lasunka” always strives to bemuse the sweet tooth with creativity and unique technologies. We have worked productively on the shape of a wafer cup for desserts and added it to the newly-fledged “Pirozheno-Morozheno” ice cream. Moderately sweet and tender chocolate plombieres ice cream is beautifully put with two clouds on a peculiar wafer pedestal. Tender and flawless ice cream goes together with saturated cream sauce that adds bright colors to the composition. Enjoying the newly-fledged “Pirozheno-Morozheno” ice cream creates the feeling like its taste is completely wrapping you around. The new dessert can be enjoyed even piece by piece: first off, enjoy the hearty chocolate plombieres ice cream, and then get acquainted with the new achievement of “Lasunka” technologists - to try the special shape of the wafer cup and feel the amazing crunchy taste by yourself. It is this wafer cup, which gives the dessert refinement and makes it a real decoration to any table served. The taste of the cake is amazing to the extent that you want to close your eyes and have your dreams soaked with a great relish. So, make no stay, give it a try!

Chocolate ice cream “Pirozheno-Morozheno”
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