Ice cream Sausage with jam

Ice cream Sausage with jam
Ice cream Sausage with jam
“Sausage” of white vanilla ice cream with cherry, apricot and green apple jams.
Innovation features of the modern ice cream production lines never fail to amaze! Serving of two mixtures with simultaneous adding of three sauces or jams – a short while ago it seemed fantastic, but now we can taste it just opening the fridge!
500 grams of delicate cream ice, where the core is permeated with three streamlets of favorite jams, will give a thousand emotions of taste! Just one spoonful of dessert contains: vanilla cream ice, rich and ripe cherries, tasty and sweet apricots, refreshing and delicious green apples! Riot of fruit flavors in creamy and milk calm!
«Sausage» with jam
Milk content
15 %
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