Premium ice cream
Premium ice cream

Premium ice cream

This taste comes from childhood. "Lasunka" has kept it unchanged for you to return to the carefree away again and again. Like many years ago, we use only natural milk, butter and sugar to produce the famous ice cream in waffle cup. No vegetable fats and flavor enhancers. The ice cream turns out to be tender, with a pleasant velvety structure, leaving an incomparable vanilla-milk aftertaste.

A crispy waffle cup successfully complements this dessert splendor. You can try any kind of ice cream, but «Plombir», a waffle cup from the past, will forever remain your favorite. Which will give a pleasant coolness in the summer and be sure to warm in the winter evening.

Milk content
15 %
How it all began? Our history
here you can see a 25 history of the company "LASUNKA".
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