BANKET Black Currant Blueberry

BANKET Black Currant Blueberry BANKET Black Currant Blueberry
BANKET Black Currant Blueberry

If your consider yourself to be an expert in sweetmeats and like not only the large, but very large helpings, than ice cream “BANKET” from TM “Lasunka” is created jusweigh for you. Besides, “BANKET” is a wonderful and very unusual dessert being capable to beautify any party.


Ice cream “BANKET” weighs as much as 500 grams. It is prepacked in bright and suitable cardboard jars protected with a foiled membrane and a cover. This protection will prevent a single speck of dust from penetration into your favourite dessert.


Ice cream “BANKET” is a stylish, bright, and unique design. This delicacy will wonderfully fit as a small, but a very pleasant present being especially valuable in hot summer days.


However, the main zest of ice cream “BANKET” is concealed under the cover. The original gustatory compositions with pleasantly surprise even the most capricious person with sweet tooth. The black-currant and bilberry jamsmarvelously supplement the most delicate plombières.


If you like berries, taste a novelty from TM “Lasunka” without fail. You will really

like it!    

Ice cream “BANKET” with black-currant and bilberry jams
Milk content
12 %
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