Do you remember children's fairytales about land flowing with milk and honey? We decided to add some fairytale to a daily reality. Our new dessert "Rouletta" - it is a sweet river of gentle ice-cream, which washes sponge cake banks. And aroma of vanilla, caramel and chocolate makes the treat more intriguing. Try the dessert "Rouletta" and you will suddenly appear in a magnificent world of children's dreams!
"Rouletta" - it is the most gentle frozen dessert, produced from the best and freshest ingredients. The base of a treat - it is a layer of soft aromatic sponge cake and gentle ice-cream (vanilla or chocolate), which is put on the sponge cake with neat streaming waves. The intension is given with the help of sweet syrups, - with a taste of creme-brulee or chocolate glaze which complete an elegant dessert and give it a complete look.
"Rouletta" it is an excellent reason to shortly pry yourself away from important things, sit in the silence and enjoy a gentle subtle taste of cold ice-cream. Try our new dessert and do not forget to tell your friends about it! And it is not impossible that friendly get-togethers with a cup of coffee and favorite ice-cream will be your new tradition.
How it all began? Our history
here you can see a twenty-year history of the company "LASUNKA".