«Like before...»

Can you remember the taste of ice-cream from your childhood? A gentle creamy taste, crunchy milk chocolate and pieces of fried nuts... In our series "Like before..." we restored the technology of production of the ice-cream which was used in the 60-s. Now you can not only abandon yourself to sweet nostalgia, enjoying the taste of a favorite from childhood dessert, but you can also share your memories with your children and grandchildren.
When we are remembering of childhood, we face the warmest and brightest memories. Games with the friends in the yard, excursions to the circus with parents and, of course, the taste of a favorite dessert. A gentle and cool ice-cream in the hot summer - surely, a lot of people are able to remember not only the taste and smell of a sweet treat, but even a price.
That is why, in order to "liven up" bright recollections in your memory, we not just fully reduplicated the recipe but also signed each portion in accordance with its earlier price. The ice-cream in a sugar cone for 11 kopecks, the ice-cream with chocolate coating for 28 kopecks, fruit-berry ice-cream on the stick for 7 kopecks... Each portion from the series "Like before..." can take you to those days when trees were so tall and the ice-cream was so tasty!


How it all began? Our history
here you can see a twenty-year history of the company "LASUNKA".