For lovers of sweet, cool and really crunchy - ice-cream-bricket "Khrumi-Khryam"! A dizzying combination of gentle ice-cream, fried nuts and home-made condensed milk, and all these - in a crunchy waffle "packing" with chocolate spatter. Can you just walk past such a bright and youth dessert? "Khrumi-Khryam" - it is a tasty and satisfying snack, which will make your mood better and charge you with energy for the whole day.
"Khrumi-Khryam" - it is a whole symphony of crunch. A waffle bricket, frozen chocolate, appetizing fried nuts... And how can it be without favorite refreshing ice-cream? In our new dessert "Khrumi-Khryam" the taste of gentle vanilla ice-cream is perfectly completed with rich savor of condensed milk.
Sweet and hearty ice cream in its nutrition can be compared with an energy bars - you can find a large supply of proteins and carbohydrates in there. However, the pleasure from a refreshing cool dessert can’t be compared with anything. "Munch-crunch" is an excuse to press the pause, to suspend the insane cycle of important affairs and simply enjoy the taste of your favorite ice cream. And only after that - go further, full of new ideas and energy for its embodiment!
How it all began? Our history
here you can see a twenty-year history of the company "LASUNKA".