Modern children hardly can understand all charm of a taste of ice-cream "GOST Ice-cream". However, they will definitely appraise it. For us this is a taste of that ice-cream from childhood, which we were standing in the queue for at the kiosk in the yard. "GOST Ice-cream" - it is classic white ice-cream, made of natural milk and eggs, beaten and brought to gentle creamy consistency. Share a piece of memories with your nearest and dearest!
Finally it has happened! Ice-cream which we missed so much, is on sale again! New ice-cream "GOST" is created in accordance with all standards which we used to produce ice-cream in the previous century. Moreover - now it is available not only in small, one-time portion. On the stands in supermarkets you can already find brickets with ice-cream, packed into 500-gramm and even 1-kilogramm packages. And it means, that you can reminisce not only alone, but also in a big group of old friends.
This classic vanilla ice-cream can be eaten in and of itself with great pleasure. But it will sound better as a sweet addition to favorite desserts. For example, to Belgian waffles, fresh sponge-cake or fried quark pancakes. Also it can be put into ice-cream bowls and being poured with sweet syrups, or strewed with nuts, cereals or pieces of fresh fruit and berries. A range of compounds is limited only by your fantasy. So go ahead - buy, experiment and enjoy a favorite, familiar from your childhood taste!
How it all began? Our history
here you can see a twenty-year history of the company "LASUNKA".