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«Choco Latte»

Coffee-holics will definitely appraise it! Big brickets, filled with the most gentle ice-cream with the taste and flavor of a coffee drink. The recipe of coffee latte was brought into Ukraine from sunny Italy. A bracing aroma of coffee, a rich taste, fresh milk, beaten into gentle mousse... It is no wonder that Italians are so faithful to this drink, that they cannot start the morning without it. And we offer you to enjoy all the charm of a soft coffee taste with new ice-cream "Choco-Latte".
You have definitely heard of people, for whom coffee is a religion. If you have such friends, you just belong to this category, then ice-cream "Choco-Latte" will be a perfect choice for you. Strong coffee, refreshing milk, gentle vanilla and bitter chocolate - all four tastes are combined in on amazing dessert.
This ice-cream is just irreplaceable, when you want to gladden your nearest and dearest with something sweet and unusual. Ice-cream "Choco-Latte" can be eaten on its own with great pleasure. Or it can be used as a base for a dessert. Pour it with caramel or chocolate topping, strew it with chocolate or ground coffee, add a spoon of this amazing ice-cream into a cold coffee drink, - whatever be the experiments you carry out, we can guarantee, that you will be satisfied with the result!
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here you can see a twenty-year history of the company "LASUNKA".

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