When the whole family gathers at the table, when there is a meeting with old friends planned and when you just want a lot of tasty things... Our line of ice-cream "Burzhuj" is a series of cool desserts with a delicate taste which is completed with pieces of real nuts, chocolate and frozen berries. And thanks to the extra size of portions you can not only fully enjoy a rich taste of the ice-cream but also share it with those who you love.
The ice-cream from the series "Burzhuj" is a dream of any grownup child! Who did not dream of a whole tub of ice-cream or a large frozen cake in the childhood? We decided to make this dream come true. Huge portions of your favorite creamy ice-cream, completed with unusual tastes is a perfect solution both for big parties and noisy get-togethers, and also for those occasions, when you just want to make a holiday for yourself.
Crunchy cookies and nuts, pieces of chocolate and pistachios, delicate and elegant taste of Italian desserts - in every tub you will find a breath-taking composition of all your favorite treats with a gentle creamy ice-cream.
And the salt of this series is in a frozen berry cake-overturn. It will be a perfect addition to any important event. All you need to do us to slightly heat the dessert in a microwave oven or warm water. The top layer of the cake consists of real forest berries with jam, which melts on the surface when heating and makes the favorite vanilla ice-cream into a real holiday dessert.
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