Gel'Amo HoReCa

Till this moment nobody could exceed the artists of the renaissance, reduplicate the Stradivarius, overcome Roberto Loreti or Caruso, compare with Valentino, Galliano or Versace, not recognize one of the best in the world Italian cuisine. Probably, you cannot excel the unexcelled.

That is why, we, while creating Italiano gelato, were accurately following the best Italian traditions and inviolately obey the recipe of cooking the ice-cream, not trying to excel it! Modern Italian equipment, exclusively natural ingredients, technology and recipes of the best Italian experts - all these are the key success factors and give everybody an unexcelled taste of the ice-cream! Italiano gelato - soft natural ice-cream with a diverse choice of unique tastes - you should definitely taste it!



Open yourself to Italy! And maybe, you will hear the sounds of the violin of great Stradivari, the voice of Luciano Pavarotti, and also figures in your imagination will be written with a brush of Michelangelo!



The ice-cream is produced in accordance with the recipes and technologies, developed by talented Italian technologists of the factory "Pregel", with the help of modern, high-tech equipment, in the checklist of which there is equipment of the well-known all around the world corporation "Carpigiani"!



The assortment line "Gel'Amo" has two main directions: soft ice-cream on the milk base (natural milk); - soft ice-cream on the fruit base (natural fruit). And this assortment already has more than 30 kinds of the ice-cream!













with crunches!
















All people are divided into those who love ice-cream and others who just adore it! And if you want to suit the taste of the most sophisticated customers of your location: a cafe, bar or restaurant, come to us! We offer to our partners the treat of diverse and amazing tastes - a popular cold dessert HoReCa Gel'Amo! The assortment of the company "Lasunka" numbers more than 30 kinds of ice-cream. The key directions of the line Gel'Amo - a soft dessert based on natural fruits and also soft ice-cream, made with the help of the freshest ingredients: dairy products, condensed milk, butter and whipped cream.
                                                    modern production;         the unique recipe;       high-qualitative, exclusively natural ingredients.

The key peculiarity of the products of the company "Lasunka" - amazing cream-vanilla taste, thick and gentle consistency of our ice-cream. The appetizing and nourishing dessert literally melts in the mouth, leaving pleasant milk aftertaste. Such a cold treat will not leave untouched even the most demanding foodies! We are tending to use our knowledge and experience in order to make the best product which will enslave your guests!


Created in accordance with exclusive recipes, developed by the Italian technologists of the factory "Pregel", our ice-cream amazes with its diversity and richness of the taste. The most popular milk tastes: Vanilla cloud, Alpine caramel, Bubble-gum, Pistachio heaven, Mascarpone associate with pleasure, good mood not only among children but also adults. They distinguish themselves with harmonious taste with well-defined creamy consistency - smooth and thick.


The treats of the fruit line: Sorbet grapefruit, Kiwi, Yoghurt strawberry, Melon etc. - these are the refined desserts with savory fruit-berry tunes. Such ice-cream - low-calorie, fragrant, freshening - will give genuine pleasure and freshness!


Being the biggest producer of ice-cream in Ukraine, the company "Lasunka" will become a reliable supplier of soft ice-cream Gel'Amo. We are interested in long-term and profitable partnership and are ready to provide your restaurant, bar or cafe with the products of high quality, which distinguish themselves by elegant, harmonious and gentle taste.





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Personal data of our customers (name, e-mail and so on) are strictly confidential. We use your data exclusively for communication with you in the process of placing orders. Our company does not provide personal information to third parties. Terms of use
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