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Grand-Prix kiwi

Grand-Prix kiwi
Grand-Prix kiwi

Ice-cream has always been a treat beloved by all not dependent on age. This product is not just tasty but also healthy, because this product is rich in such vitamins as A, D, P, E, and also magnesium, phosphorus, iron and potassium. Milk also contains all of these elements. But then the ice-cream – is a much tastier "medicine"!

On a hot summer day, you can cool down amazingly with the help of ice-cream which includes pieces and real fruit, for example, such as "Grand-Prix" kiwi. An unusual composition of a tropical kiwi and the softest of ice-cream will suit the taste even of the most pampered sweet tooth of tastes. A harmonious composition of sweet natural ice-cream and slightly sour taste of kiwi makes this ice-cream even more refreshing. A crunchy sugar cone is covered with a thin layer of the most delicious chocolate inside, and the ice-cream itself is likewise penetrated with layers of jam along with pieces of kiwi. For real, a delish!
Ice-cream Grand-Prix Kiwi with kiwi syrup and kiwi jam
Milk content
15 %
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