Burzhuj Tiramisu

Burzhuj Tiramisu Burzhuj Tiramisu
Burzhuj Tiramisu

Tiramisu is one of the most popular desserts in the world. Within its base there are airy biscuits, fatty cream cheese and cacao, the same as you’ll find in an Italian dessert, nobody will be indifferent with our ice-cream "Burzhuj" Tiramisu. There is a classic recipe of a dessert in its conception. This treat has a godlike creamy taste with a gentle and slightly noticeable shade of milk chocolate. The fragrance of vanilla will drive you crazy. Ice-cream "Burzhuj" Tiramisu is sweet enough. It will give you a mouthful of freshness and coolness even on the hottest days.

Ice-cream Burzhuj Tiramisu
Milk content
12 %
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